The other day, an SEO business owner pointed out how modern day internet marketing can have a resounding effect on what people actually see when they search for particular snippets of information at random. Simply put, the large media giants still have deep enough pockets to get the news that they want to be heard onto the top of the search engine results because they can hire the SEO help to get the hits for the keyword searches being done on a particular topic. 

The good news is that a smaller independent journalist has access to the same exposure if they possess the same technical savvy to publish their material. So while they may not have the dollars to pay their way to the top, there is always an active community of people who want the accurate information to get to the public, who are pooling their resources to get it done.

Who would have thought that building back links and relationships with other bloggers and independents via the net could get such results as to have "inde" broadcasters with larger followings than mainstream giants.

Needless to say, the value of SEO seems to be an ever-increasing proposition for those who wish to be heard. Thanks to the people at DizzyWeb an Edmonton SEO Agency for making note of this.