The other day, an SEO business owner pointed out how modern day internet marketing can have a resounding effect on what people actually see when they search for particular snippets of information at random. Simply put, the large media giants still have deep enough pockets to get the news that they want to be heard onto the top of the search engine results because they can hire the SEO help to get the hits for the keyword searches being done on a particular topic. 

The good news is that a smaller independent journalist has access to the same exposure if they possess the same technical savvy to publish their material. So while they may not have the dollars to pay their way to the top, there is always an active community of people who want the accurate information to get to the public, who are pooling their resources to get it done.

Who would have thought that building back links and relationships with other bloggers and independents via the net could get such results as to have "inde" broadcasters with larger followings than mainstream giants.

Needless to say, the value of SEO seems to be an ever-increasing proposition for those who wish to be heard. Thanks to the people at DizzyWeb an Edmonton SEO Agency for making note of this.

Until the internet came to be, folks relied on their news from the radio, newspaper, and television. For many people, there was an unquestioned assumption as to which sources were reliable and which ones were not. “Fake news” was not a concept likely to get out into the mainstream because journalists were perceived to have certain standards to which they adhered to if they wanted to remain employed.

However, like so many other things in the world, the web has changed how news works in the modern world. Today Alternative media sources have shed new light on the agenda that has been unseen behind the large broadcasting giants. At present, anyone can publish stuff online just by setting up a website and making content for it. If it gets found and seen by someone who posts it in the right location, it can go viral. As it circulates through social media. This can create problems when people fail to check out the validity of a story, but also sets up a dynamic that forces accountability onto the larger mainstream sources. Something which they have been demonstrating a dislike for.

Because news sources are accessed from around the world and we have access to messages from those foreign locations as well, what was once a relative monopoly for the large media corporations, has now become open today independents or small local outlets. This presents the consumer the opportunity to fact check information against many different sources and find links to do in depth research if they so choose to. This shift in access to information disables the propaganda machine from setting the framework in which the “acceptable discussion” is grounded upon.

This opens up a much deeper discussion…. What is “Fake News” and who are the actual culprits here? The media giants would like us to believe that fake news is everybody but themselves. They are promoting the concepts that “fake news” is a nefarious group of independents that are doing nothing but attacking the good journalistic efforts of the new networks like Fox or Cnn. Perhaps this is true to some degree or perhaps the alternative media has gained enough credibility with the public by pointing out obvious bias in the presentation of news stories coming from the mainstream.

The reality is that it is up to each one of us to decide. If you are going to keep up with the news, it is essential that you question news sources. Investigate them and find out which ones are known to mislead. When you come across a story that seems too good or too bad to be true, don't automatically assume that it is. Instead, investigate further before you become a part of the problem.

If you don't have the time to check out news posts that come across your social media pages, don't comment on them or share with others. By doing so, you could inadvertently be encouraging this type of behavior by the fake news journalists who are just trying to make a buck or worse yet distort the truth in such a way to get people to allow an agenda that they would otherwise disapprove. Something that our history is replete with.

Also, you need to be aware of the difference between fake news and satire. There are some excellent satirical sites that explore news topics but don't actually cover any real events. Whether or not you choose to read these, know that they are legitimate companies providing a source of humor for folks and not charlatans trying to make a buck from fake news.

This trend is likely to continue to grow as the internet access becomes more affordable than ever before. Therefore, it is up to citizens like you to do your due diligence before believing any news story that you happen to see. Doing so will keep you happier and keep you from spreading lies and messages designed to get people upset rather than provide them with information about the world around them.

The Internet and social media have largely changed the way that both people and businesses communicate on a grand scale. This evolution has led to a shift in the way people get their news as well. Because there are more ways than ever before to not only send out news but also new ways to consume it, alternative news outlets have popped up all over and they are quickly gaining new audience growth and steam. Alternative news has become a widespread outlet for those that are seeking not only more convenient ways to stay informed, but also those looking for unfiltered access. Below, we will be going over why alternative news has been gaining so much in terms of audience growth.

Top Reasons Alternative News Is So Popular:

1. More Convenient.

One of the biggest reasons these outlets have been gaining so much steam in terms of viewers is because they offer such convenient access to news. Because alternative news outlets typically have less funding and resources, they mostly operate online. A large majority of consumers have been switching their buying habits to online marketplaces, so they are looking for more convenient ways to get their news as well. Alternative news outlets have been able to tap into these people in a way that traditional news outlets simply fail to do. Until traditional news outlets start to leverage and utilise the Internet as a way to spread their version of the news in a better and more convenient way, this growth is not going to slow down.

2. Wider Variety of Topics.

Because news networks and traditional outlets require so much funding and because it costs so much in production, they must focus on things that bring attention to the network and they must really narrow the focus to the things that bring in viewers. Overall, this is not good for the viewer because a wide variety of topics and news stories get swept under the rug that might actually be important. As a result, the uninformed viewer remains uninformed by a wide variety of issues when they stick to a traditional news outlet. Whereas, the alternative news does not cost as much because it is typically a simple website or YouTube channel. As a result, they have the flexibility and freedom to really talk freely about a wide variety of topics that might not necessarily be 'hot buttons.' Therefore, they are going to bring you much more news rather than sticking to the news that gets the views.

3. Unfiltered Discussion and Viewpoints.

Another reason a lot of people flock to these alternative news outlets is that they provide a much more unfiltered news approach rather than other media outlets. This is because they are not Governed by the same set of rules. Such as TV guidelines, advertisers, and more. These outlets are typically monetized by advertising but with much fewer restrictions. Therefore, they do not necessarily have to worry about their entire operation getting shut down by a loss of a few advertisers. Whereas, a news network or a traditional newspaper has much more to worry about when advertisers start to drop their advertising with the networks.

4. Like-Minded.

Another reason some people tend to go to these alternative news outlets is that a lot of them are geared towards a specific demographic or political agenda/party. While there are options available that have less of an inherent bias, a lot of people go to these websites as their sole news source because they do not have to really read or watch anything that is going to disagree with their own inherent beliefs. As a result, they are going to end up getting the news they want in a way they want and delivered how they want. Thus, they will end up enjoying the content more because they will not only get the news slanted in a way they want it, but they will get the commentary that supports their own agendas and viewpoints. This kind of news really started spreading throughout the election when a lot of misinformation was being spread. While all alternative news networks are not geared this way, this is one of the reasons it has become so popular. A lot of people are simply looking to reinforce their own beliefs and see, read, and hear things that they already believe in.

Overall, there are a lot of different reasons that have caused this spike in viewership among alternative news outlets. While the news isn't always better, it is typically going to offer the viewer what they want which is much more variety of topics being discussed, a more unfiltered approach not governed by advertisers by in large, and a much more convenient consumption experience whether it's on a blog, website, or even a YouTube channel.


In recent years, we have seen a huge uptick in a number of alternative news outlets on the Internet primarily. The Internet, along with YouTube, has given those that had very little voice, a platform to really speak on issues without filter or agenda. As a result, many are flocking to this new medium of news. Not only to get the real and unfiltered viewpoints and facts but also to research or confirm viewpoints that would be omitted from mainstream broadcasts. As a result, the alternative news is growing at an alarming rate and it is quickly overtaking conventional news in terms of audience growth. Below, we will be going over some of the main reasons for this takeover.

Reasons Alternative News Is Growing:

1. Access News 24/7.

One of the major factors behind the growing trend of these news outlets is the fact that they are available 24/7. Because they provide so much flexibility with these outlets embracing the Internet much more than conventional news networks, they are providing people with much more flexibility to read, view, and absorb their content. This alone is one of the key reasons it has become so popular because people are busier than ever before, but they are also much more connected as well. Therefore, they have more chances to view this kind of content.

2. It's Free.

Another reason a lot of people flock to this kind of news is that it is completely free. Because they understand that these news agencies do not necessarily rely directly on any particular medium that has a paywall, you are going to be able to get their coverage for free. Whereas, you might have to pay for television or even an Internet subscription to get access to some other newspapers and other news outlets.

3. No Agendas.

Another reason people have been more interested in this kind of news and reporting lately is that the various traditional and conventional news outlets have a lot of commentators on their channels trying to influence your opinion with incorrect or blatantly wrong facts. Because of this, many are looking for alternative news sources that will allow them the opportunity to look at the facts themselves objectively and form their own opinion based on the facts presented. A lot of channels are run by their advertisers and they are even influenced by them at a high level. Therefore, it is better for most to get their news from sources that do not rely as heavily on their advertisers or those that aren't directly working for any particular party.

4. More Information.

Another reason is being able to get more information than traditional news outlets likely wouldn't cover. Because you will be able to get all kinds of information whether large or small, it is going to be there for you to digest. A lot of information and news often goes unreported because it is not expected to bring in the required viewership needed for the channel or news network to make their money. As a result, these topics and news events are covered up for things that are going to get much more views and clicks. Having wider and much more extensive coverage on various topics is one of the major factors that have contributed to the popularity of these kinds of alternative news networks.

5. Ability and Foresight to Average Social Networking.

Another reason many turn to looking at these kinds of news sources is that they have the social networking skills and leverage to really be able to drive significant amounts of traffic to their websites. Because they focus on implementing social media marketing on a foundational level, they are able to generate a lot of traffic through social media alone. A lot of traditional news networks utilise social media as a platform that could perhaps enhance their viewership. However, most alternative news channels and networks view social media as one of the mediums in which they can actually spread their news as a platform alone. Because social media has become such an integral part of most our daily lives, this is one of the best strategies allowing alternative news to become so big. A lot of news gets spread across multiple social networks and channels as a direct result of their leverage of social media.

Overall, there are a variety of reasons why these news sources have become so popular. Not only do they typically utilise and leverage the Internet and social media much better than traditional networks, but they provide unfiltered and unbiased coverage as well. Therefore, a lot of people simply flock to them in order to get what they perceive to be much more significant and truthful news coverage of the things that are going on in the world.